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Curriculum Development


EnVisioned Design™

The EnVisioned Design™ approach to instructional design or program development begins with the goals of the program. Before we consider any learning activities, content components or assessments, we first engage in an in-depth study of what the desired endpoint of the learning experience should look like. What can the learners do, what do they know, what challenges will they be prepared to face as a result of having completed the training we design? Once we have established a clear set of goals for the program and we have defined what the successful participant looks like after completing the program, we can move on to defining an appropriate assessment.

Adult learning should culminate in an assessment of some sort, typically a task designed to both demonstrate understanding of the important concepts but allow participants to practice new skills or demonstrate use of new knowledge and understandings in a safe and authentic environment. It is critical that learners have an opportunity to practice new skills and implement new understandings in order to gain the necessary confidence to integrate the new knowledge and abilities into their daily work responsibilities.

The third and final stage of the EnVisioned Design™ process is the development of the learning plan. The learning plan is designed with the assessment in mind and will provide the participants with all the information, skills and experience necessary to successfully complete the assessment at the end of the course. We work closely with our clients to develop learning activities that are as authentic as possible to obviate the relevance to our learners and increase the likelihood of integration of new skills into day to day activities. Our learning activities incorporate a variety of modalities in order to address the learning needs of a diverse audience, maintain engagement and address the adult learner’s preferred modes of acquiring new knowledge.