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Trainer Manual Development


For those who offer in-house employee development programs, the development of training programs and associated manuals is a substantial undertaking. Quite frequently, the development of a manual is the very last step, which quite often remains an unfinished component of the program development. The absence of a Training Manual or Leader’s Guide hinders the development of additional and alternative trainers. Ascend Training Solutions, LLC offers Training Manual Development services when the training content exists, but the manual with timed agenda does not.

Some examples of the need for training manuals:

  • An in-house expert whose expertise you would like to capture for training purposes
  • A developed training that needs a support manual so that it can be transferred to new trainers
  • An employee development program that is in “bits and pieces” and needs to be collected into an organized training program
  • When in-house resources are unavailable to update an existing training program

Let us “capture the magic” of your best Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Trainers and put it into a form which new trainers can utilize and free up your best trainers and SME’s to develop new programs!